Gaining your Customer's Trust

Building a Quality SE Team

A Message of Trust

“Best way to sell something: Don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect and trust of those who might buy.”

– Jeffery Gitomer

You’re building a sales team. You want someone with a proven track record of successful sales, someone with a strong contact list, a go-getter. You spend a lot of time finding the perfect sales rep.

But, what about your Sales Engineering team? Whether you choose to call them Sales Engineers, Systems Engineers, or Solutions Consultants, this team is critical to your sales success.

Customers always look for someone they can trust. Training your SE team to gain that trust is what SpikeWorks is all about!

Products & Services

Sales Engineering Team Definition, Interview, and Hiring

  • Create job descriptions
  • Provide screening interviews of potential prospects
  • Determine best fit for new hires

Pre- and Post-Sales Collateral Development

  • Training materials
  • Sales presentations
  • Demo script development

Whitepaper Conception and Development

  • Work with appropriate teams to create customer-facing whitepapers

Pre- and Post-Sales Phone Support

  • Provide remote contact with customers and prospects

Sales Meeting Process Development

  • Target audience qualification
  • Sales playbook
    • Internal/Customer facing versions
    • Demo/Eval requirements, setup, and deliverables

Demo & Presentation Certification of Sales/CS Team

  • Listen to sales team give presentations and demos and provide feedback
  • Ensure everyone on the team is sending the same message

Phone Demo and Presentations

  • Assist sales team in providing demos and presentations to prospects

RFI/RFP Creation and Response

  • Work with designated teams to define requirements
  • Evaluate responses
  • Manage Loopio RFP Response Database

About SpikeWorks


David Speicher, aka “Spike”, has a long career that started as a software developer, and then evolved into Sales Engineering positions at multiple, successful startups and the companies that acquired them.He’s worked at companies focusing on computer hardware, network modeling, network hardware and software, network security and optimization, e-discovery software, and mobile applications for charitable fundraising.

Being hired into early-stage startups allowed Spike to help develop sales materials, product demos, and build Sales Engineering teams from the ground up. His positions ranged from individual contributor to the Vice President level.

The trust and respect gained by Spike with his customers and team members is apparent. He’s sold to customers from the various companies he’s worked for, and has had employees continue to reach out for his help and support.

Download Spike’s resume.

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